Butler Service

24 hours butler is at your service any time for all your personal needs. Your satisfaction is our mission statement.

Pillow menu

Wheat Cereal Pillow:Wheat cereal-a natural herb with tonic quality to relax your body, heal your tired muscles, calm you sense

Revitalizing Pillow:Revitalizing Pillow's natural herbal scent reduces humidity and irritation from heat while providing firm support for the body.

Camail Pillow:Personalized pillow, adjustable to perfectly support your neck and back for a healthier rest.

Medical Jade Pillow:Uniquely designed with natural jade stone to energize the tired mind, improves the body's immune systems.

Cassia Seeds Pillow:The Cassia Seed is good for the kidney and eyes.

Bed Talk

Rigid Bed:Special designed and elastic bedding, adjustable to perfectly support your waist for a healthier rest to relax your body, which is suitable for the elderly and people who are suffering from waist ache.

Moderate Bed:Special material is perfect combine the tenderness and support to avoid the body impress,brings you close to a nature and wonderful rest.

Journey Chamberlain
  • Ticket purchasing agency (air ticket/ train ticket Ningbo travel spot and circuitry consultation
  • Special local product purchasing
  • Travel agency and bus booking
  • In city/shuttle bus
  • Travel tips

  •  /Per Room